Special Session Recordings

John-Paul O’Connor–Using AI to Streamline Your CI/Lean Thinking

John Paul O’Connor explains and demonstrates the use of AI in Lean/Continuous Improvement efforts. Topics included and demonstrated are AI Prompt Engineering and the use of Plug-Ins to enhance the queries and responses.

Recorded March, 28, 2024


Elisabeth Swan–Overcoming Obstacles to People-Centered Leadership

Have you ever underestimated your influence on others? Do you fail to recognize the impact you have on people, their work, and their ability to solve problems and thrive?

Whether you hold a formal leadership position or not, you have the power to affect those around you. However, the way you think, speak, and act may not always bring out the best in yourself or those you interact with. This can lead to missed opportunities, strained relationships, and less than ideal outcomes.

This 1-hour webinar will demonstrate what can get in the way and help participants identify new ways of operating for better success.

Recorded May 30, 2023

Leili McKinley–Winning the Talent War Requires Inclusive Leadership

The current labor crisis is fueled by a blend of societal and workforce dynamics that are changing the way employers and employees interact with each other. Understanding what’s at play is essential to adapting to these changes and successfully navigating through them. A new Inclusive Leadership model, which sheds light on what motivates talent, drives revenue, and ensures sustainability, provides specific leadership skills executives and managers can use to effectively address the gap in the labor force participation rate.

The labor force participation rate has been falling in this country for nearly two decades. With a perfect storm of aging boomers,  the wage gappers, and women who have left the workforce, we now have a war to win what talent is left. You can’t fully automate your way out. The sustainability of your organization depends on a reliable and productive workforce. But now potential employees have changed their expectations towards the companies they want to work for. You need to adapt to find and keep them.

Recorded March 27, 2023

ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH ENGAGEMENT: An Evidence-Based Framework to achieve outstanding results with high employee satisfaction–Peter Winiarski, Founder & CEO, WIN Enterprises

Countless studies show that lack of accountability is one of the most common frustrations that many leaders and team members struggle with every day. Although we all know there’s a correlation between accountability and results, we don’t always know the best approach to getting there; and if done incorrectly, the impact can be devastating to our customers, the organization, and moral.

Recorded January 26, 2023

Lessons in Lean – the Human Spectrum Creating Meaningful Work Environments–One System : One Team

Robert O. Martichenko describes research on the workplace hierarchy of needs and its importance in creating a workplace that provides the dignity, respect and empathy for the organization, the leader and the individual. It is important to consider that the money paid isn’t everything.

Delivered November 2, 2022

What Lean Leaders Should Know About Neuroscience And Productivity

Carlos Arce explains the relationship of trauma to productivity and the need and ways to mitigate its effects in the workplace. Why “Leave your troubles at home” is not an effective response.

Recorded September 30, 2022

CILC Special Session–the Future Of Supply Chain and Lean–A Panel Discussion

David Tweed and Brian Waild discuss supply chain challenges and solutions with current and potential issues. See why communication and trusted relationships are the most important factors in maintaining a reliable supply chain.

Recorded August 12, 2022