Stephen Dombrowski

Steve retired in April, 2022 as Director of Employee and Organizational Development, at the State of Connecticut, Department of Labor, with responsibility for inter-agency data system dissemination for workforce readiness programs, consortium leadership management, lean management training programs, cost reduction analysis, strategic planning operations, private sector partnerships and public sector information forums. He started his career at the Department of Labor’s Office of Research, providing data on labor markets and occupational information projections.

Steve currently provides consulting services for Human Resource organizations, within the realms of diversity equity inclusion, talent acquisition, leadership development, human productivity maximization and optimizing volunteerism within career paths.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree (BA) in Statistical Sociology from the University of Connecticut and a master’s degree (MA) in Human Resource Development, from American International College.

Steve has been a volunteer ambassador for Connecticut Employer Support for the National Guard and Reserve (CT ESGR) since 2004, presenting Patriot Awards to employers and facilitating training programs.